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Every artist starts out with heroes. But not every artist gets asked by their heroes to join them, as artists, on their stage. It’s a compliment that Jacob Moon keeps getting from the musicians who have inspired him since he started as a singer-songwriter out in Hamilton, Ontario. Artists like Rush, Marillion and Gordon Lightfoot have taken a shine to Moon’s renditions of their songs and have lavished him praise and a spotlight that has gained him international attention. It is these inventive covers that draws the fans in, but it’s Moon’s original material and his compelling live show that make them pull up a chair.

Ron Sexsmith has said: “Jacob Moon is an exceedingly gifted and watchable performer….seems completely at home on stage” and Danny Miranda (bassist for Queen) concurs “Tremendous command of the instrument…amazing voice. I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed by his music”.

Jacob Moon is known for his giftedness as a singer, songwriter of award-winning pop and folk songs. He is also a master of the art of ‘live looping’, a performance style where he records what he’s playing in real time and layers sound on sound to make one guitar sound like an orchestra.


Jacob Moon considers himself first and foremost to be a singer-songwriter. The songs he has written have gone on to win awards in International Song Competitions (Unisong, Great Lakes Song Contest, West Coast Songwriters, GMA Canada). His songwriting heroes include Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Peter Gabriel and Rich Mullins, and Moon’s timeless and eclectic style can be compared to those artists, among others. Likewise, his music is hard to pigeonhole, and Moon is okay with that. “My music is borne from all the listening I’ve done over the years, and I listen to a lot of different music. In a way it makes sense that what comes out would be a mash-up of all those different influences, and tough to pin a style on”, Moon says. Though not exactly born with a guitar in his hands, Moon’s own father had a 12-string Gibson that made an impression early on. “It just had this huge sound– it sounded like an orchestra to me”, Moon says.

That would prove instructive as he approached learning the acoustic guitar in his early teens. “My musical influences at that time were bands like Yes, Rush and Marillion, so I was trying to figure out how to make the guitar sound as big as I knew it could sound from hearing those guys”.


Once Moon had completed his musical training at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON, he began recording and trying to find as many gigs as he could to stay alive. Realizing that he needed something that would set him apart from other performers, Moon began experimenting with ‘live looping’ technology–a foot-pedal that triggers the instantaneous recording of his guitar while he’s playing live. This gave Moon a whole new palette to paint with musically, and he has gone on to be one of the leading Loopers on the scene.

His popular live-looping music videos on YouTube recently gained attention on a national level, when rock legends Rush asked Moon to perform at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala. Geddy, Neil and Alex insisted that Moon to be there to play ‘Subdivisions’, which he performed on a Hamilton rooftop in his 2008 video (now at over 350, 000 hits). His performance was immediately followed by a standing ovation from his heroes, and that one night has led to some exciting new touring opportunities.

Rush drummer Neil Peart had this to say about Jacob: “We all shared Jacob Moon’s performance of Subdivisions quite a long time ago and sent it to each other, ‘Hey have you seen this?’ because it’s such a beautiful cover. The imaginative way that he uses the little cassette player to get my voice in there. It’s superb. And it is that kind of song. It’s a singersongwriter’s song. I loved to see his version of it and I loved the idea that song has endured to his generation.”


A new collection of covers (and 2 new originals) from Canadian singer-songwriter Jacob Moon, hit stores Mar 1 2014. Covers by artists like Marillion, Rush, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, Tom Waits and Keane are featured. The record is a labor of love and pays tribute to the music that influenced him growing up and the music that is filling his head today. Infused with a bold rock sound and yet making eclectic forays into folk, funk and pop, this is one album that has something for everyone.

Social justice is something very close to Jacob’s heart, and for many years he has been active in doing fundraiser concerts for many worthy organizations, including: Compassion Canada, International Justice Mission, Mennonite Central Committee, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, and many schools across Canada.


  • “Landing” (2002): Folk Artist of the Year, VIBE Awards
  • “Eventide”(2005): -5 Hamilton Music Awards Nominations
  • Inspirational Song of the Year, Song of the month at the Unisong Song contest in Hollywood, CA
  • ‘Folk artist of the year’ by the Toronto Independent Music Awards in Oct ’06.
  • West Coast Songwriters Award for best Inspirational song (“Just Like You”)
  • “This Christmas” (2007) BEST SEASONAL ALBUM 2008 at the CGMA awards.
  •  Nominated for Artist of the Year at the 2014 Glass Awards

He has been reviewed in many publications and has received many critical accolades for his work:

“Jacob Moon is an exceedingly gifted and watchable performer….seems completely at home on stage”- Ron Sexsmith, singer-songwriter

“Tremendous command of the instrument…amazing voice. I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed by his music.” Danny Miranda, bassist for QUEEN

“Every once in a while a voice just leaps out at you…and that’s what happened when we heard Jacob Moon” – Shelagh Rogers, CBC Personality.

“…perhaps the best showcase for this local singer-songwriter, whose well-honed pop sensibilities, bright and tuneful voice and clever guitar work belie his youth. The songs are remarkably strong and graceful.” – Greg Quill Toronto Star

“Jacob Moon is one of the finest singer-songwriters to emerge on the local music scene during the past decade. That much is abundantly clear on listening to his new album, Landing.” – The Record

“Jacob Moon’s Landing is both moving and brilliant recorded over three nights this past May at Catherine North Studios in front of a live audience, for the most part capturing one powerful voice, six deftly played strings and a dozen heartfelt songs.” – VIEW magazine