Date: Jan 31, 201

Ben & Tom Waters

Ben Waters woke up one morning at the age of about 14 to find he could play piano! Fascinated by the rhythms of the Deep South he fell in love with the music of the great boogie woogie, rock ‘n roll and blues men. Working hard from the age of 16 in virtually every venue in his home county of Dorset in England, he was catapulted at the age of 18 into a professional musical career by a request from Shakin’ Stevens who asked him to accompany him and his band on an international tour.

Ben and his band have performed for royalty and at Ray Davies’s Meltdown Festival at the Royal Festival Hall, followed by tours of Canada, Europe, Scandinavia and the States, where Ben played in the Lincoln Center and on Broadway in New York with the ABC&D of Boogie Woogie. (The A being Axel Zwingenberger; B – Ben Waters; C – Charlie Watts; D – Dave Green) He performed at the Royal Albert Hall on 1st November 2013 alongside Ronnie Wood at the fabulous Blues Fest.

Earlier this year Ben was voted the Best Boogie-Woogie Pianist winner at Boisdale Music Awards.

Ben recorded his album “Boogie for Stu” at his great friend and mentor Jools Hollands studio (which Jools donated freely) – it is a commemorative album in honour of the late Ian Stewart, family friend and founder of The Rolling Stones , all of whom, along with Jools and P-J Harvey are featured in the CD. It has topped blues and rock ‘n roll charts world wide with proceeds from sales and Ben’s advance going to the British Heart Foundation in Stu’s memory. The CD cover painting of Ian Stewart was created by Sir Peter Blake who has donated a further £10,000 from print sales to the BHF in memory of Stu.

These Waters run deep! Ben`s son Tom, has not fallen far from the tree. By the age of ten Tom had played sax in the West End with all the Stones, Jools Holland, Mick Hucknall and Shakin’ Stevens and has toured world wide with his father. Playing a saxophone he was given by Tim Ries of the Rolling Stones, Tom, now 16 and studying jazz saxophone at the Royal Academy, will be joining Ben on stage in Vernon BC on 31 January 2017. Stand by for a fun evening with authentic rock ‘n roll, jazz and quirky originals.